Lansing passes bill requiring drug tests, community service for welfare recipients

Another hot button issue is aiming to slap many of us.  This issue will split the Haves 37212-004-C3D5C66Cfrom the Have Not’s.  We will certainly hear that this law is aimed at the minorities.  The ACLU, NAACP and any other group that see this law as discriminatory will weigh in loudly. Those who work hard, have decent paying wages and pay taxes will say its about time that those who receive public assistance be accountable to the general public.

How many have heard accounts of individuals scamming the system? Countless would be the answer.  It is no secret that generations of families have learned how to survive through government assistance programs.  Race, color, national origin, sexual orientation is not a consideration when it comes to the abuse of the public welfare systems.  Abuse of the systems happens every day of every year by those who know the right ways to circumvent policies.

More about what law makers in Lansing are doing on this subject can be found at the Detroit Free Press.

What do you think about the proposed requirements?