One That Did Not Get Away

Last evening around 7 p.m. an 8 year old Detroit boy, Darrin Wilhite, who was riding Darrin-Wilhite-jpghis bike was hit by an SUV driven by a 49 year old man who did not even stop.  Based on witness accounts and descriptions the driver was tracked down, questioned, arrested and has finally confessed as of this morning.

Police say the suspect struck the boy and kept going with him and the bike pinned underneath. It seems that more and more drivers are striking individuals with their cars and just driving off.  We continue to hear of these types of things seemingly on a regular basis.  Do they not have a moral compass?

More details will emerge in this tragic accident.  Was this person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Was he not supposed to be behind the wheel for previous traffic violations?  Whatever the case, the driver of this SUV should lose his license for life based on his actions of not stopping after he had struck Darrin Wilhite.

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