Senator Ted Cruz (R) Recites “Green Eggs and Ham”

mq1.jpgTexas Sen. Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor to waste yet more time on a law that has no chance of reversing vowing to speak in opposition to the Affordable Care Act until he is “no longer able to stand.”.  His attempt is not formally considered a filibuster because it is not being used to stop legislation in opposition to the Affordable Care Act but it is nothing short of laughable.  Curz wants to defund the Affordable Care Act which was passed 3 years ago and is in the process of being implemented.

It is more than high time that the American people speak out in great numbers against the political antics of our elected officials in Congress.  Make it known that citizens are weary of a Congress that takes the country to brinkmanship because they can and do have the power or control.  The American people want, expect and deserve better from our elected officials.

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