Couple Gives Out $1 Bills

WYOMING, MI – A Grandville couple decided to do yet another good deed this weekend.  dollarbillLet’s just call it Reverse Panhandling.

Riley and Hermi Combs were at the intersection of Byron Center Ave. and 44th St. in Wyoming Saturday afternoon and held up a sign that read, “NO, I Am Not Homeless, I Am Not Hungry. Can I Give YOU A Dollar?

WOOD-TV reports the couple handed out 100 $1 bills to drivers.

The couple’s granddaughter stated that their good deed is getting a lot of attention on social media. She said they had the idea a few weeks ago, and her grandma told her they had a blast doing it.

This was not the first time the couple handed out gifts to random strangers.  They also bought several 31-day bus passes and randomly handed them out while riding the Rapid so that people whose passes were expiring could have more, and for some to be able to see ArtPrize. “They are active in the Grand Rapids community and do this on a frequent basis. They’re just awesome people. They do it for fun to get to know people.”

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