Sponsored TV Ads Become Even More Annoying

A great deal of money is spent on television advertising.  Writers, actors, filming, market distribution are all considerations when a company is looking to get safe_image.phpthe message out about their product or service.   Distribution of those dollars are based on various markets.  That money is also spent to be a leading sponsor on hit TV shows.  Getting the biggest bang for the buck is the absolute goal when it comes to advertising dollars.  For that it then begs the question:  Why turn off the viewer with the battering of the same ad over and over within an hour?  The best example of making millions of people become brain dead is that of the Undead spot from Sprint that runs incessantly.

Are you one of those who actually pays attention to the ads?  If your answer is Yes, then you are exactly who this article is written for.  The biggest advertising agencies are:

It would seems that someone within one of these companies would take the audience into consideration when is comes to over the cliff  repetition.  In doing so, you are being lazy and honestly ineffective.  Please don’t make another viewer want to throw their remote through the screen.  Companies, please demand better from your ad agency.


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