Building Justice For Jeff

Its seems recently it has become an epidemic of innocent people being struck and killed by hit & run drivers.  As recent as last week reports came out of a little boy being mowed down on his bicycle in Detroit by a man who fled the scene.  It took witness information to get the person tracked down and put behind bars.  It is going to take every bit of that and more to bring the person who hit Jeff Lee and did not stop to take responsibility.

If enough community pressure is built up towards a single goal, the person driving the Chevy Silverado truck will be found or they will end up turning themselves into authorities.  Either way, the goal is accomplished.  Its called Justice.

Jeffrey Clarence Lee was only 34 years old when someone struck him on the side of the road near the Fraternal Order of Eagles Club on Dort Highway in Flint, MI.  The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. on Saturday September 28th, 2013.  Jeff and his family were attending a wedding reception that night.

Think for a moment how many lives were affected by this tragic loss of life that evening.  Jeff’s family was at the reception with him celebrating the joining of two people in marriage.  Then there was the bride and groom who now have to Flyer for Jeff Leeremember every year on their wedding anniversary that someone lost their life where their happiness was to begin.  Those also attending the wedding reception had to be touched personally by this one persons cowardly act of causing an accident to only speed off into the night.  So now you who sit and read this information are also brought into this nightmare.  In some way it has to affect your thoughts.  Maybe in anger.  Maybe in disgust.

Be it a gun, a knife, a bat or a motor vehicle, a person can commit homicide with anyone of them.  Jeffrey Clarence Lee was hit by a truck.  The person in control of that vehicle needs to be charged with no less than vehicular homicide because of the circumstances surrounding the accident.  It is without doubt that the person driving did not do this intentionally but it is what they did or did not do once the accident happened that everything changed.

Jeff had been outside standing near the curb when a dark colored 2008 or Jeffrey Clarence Leenewer Chevy Silverado (possibly with a crew cab) struck and killed him.  The Silverado was followed closely by a Chevy Impala that was silver or grey in color. Both vehicles continued on and turned on Davison Rd going west.

Is there a possibility that there were surveillance cameras in the area that might have captured those cars on Dort Highway and/or Davison Road?  Business owners along that stretch need to look very closely at footage from those cameras.  If your a business owner in that area, please take the time to research if you have the keys to unlock all of this.

Jeff Lee was 34 years old when he died.  He had 3 children who are 14,12, and 8. They now have to grow up without their Dad.  Even though Jeff and his wife had divorced, he and his ex-wife Bonnie were working their problems out together. The two of them had been back together and living as a family for the past 6 months.

He was a great dad and his kids loved him very much. He was always a jokester and usually people who met him remembered him well. Most of his life he drove truck. There was nothing he loved more. Near his mothers house they have erected a sign asking all truckers to honk in remembrance of Jeff.

Gladly other media outlets are picking up Jeff’s story.  NBC25 and WNEM are running the information on their stations.  You can help as well by sharing this short link on any of your social media sites that you use.  Help build Justice for Jeff.  The video below is shared here from WNEM Flint:

The Flint Police Department is seeking anyone with information that can help them solve who caused the hit & run of Jeffrey Clarence Lee.

If you or someone you know has information that can assist in solving this case, please speak up.  If you have seen a truck or know someone with a truck matching the description with front and/or passenger side damage, REPORT IT !

Jeff’s family needs your help NOW !

You can remain anonymous. No tip is to small. Please call Flint Police or Sargent Dave Bender 810-237-6883 or Crime Stoppers 1-800-422-5245 (1-800-422-JAIL)

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