Jerky Treats Suspected in Over 600 Pet Deaths

A mysterious illnesses related to jerky treats has taken the life of over 600 dogs.  puppy-with-hanging-tongue-in-a-towel-bigThe FDA is asking pet owners and veterinarians around the U.S. to send in any information that could help them solve the mystery.

Some 3,600 dogs have become ill with jerky-related illnesses since 2007.  The FDA are looking to pet owners and veterinarians to try to help solve the problem. The agency is asking anyone who has encountered the illness firsthand to call the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator in their state.

Known symptoms include decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes with blood or mucus), increased water drinking and increased urination within hours of eating the treats.

The FDA is also urging pet owners to stop giving the treats immediately if a pet becomes sick after eating them as well as to keep the treats in a sealed container for analysis.

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