‘Activist’ Robert Davis Files Two Emergency Motions

Detroit’s thorn in the backside is at it again. Robert Davis has filed two emergencyRobert-Davis motions that could have a  delay effect on Detroit’s November election in which Mike Duggan is a candidate for mayor.

It is no secret that he is an advocate for Benny Napoleone and his efforts to become Detroit’s next mayor. 

Davis is accusing Detroit elections clerk Janice Winfrey of making mistakes on the ballot, including missing numbers and special instructions on the sleeve. His second motion is accusing mayoral candidate Mike Duggan of failing to file a new nominating petition and affidavit of identity after Duggan won the August primary.

The Michigan State Supreme Court will decide if it will agree to hear either of the two cases. The courts decision could come as early as Friday or Monday at the latest if they will respond.

All of this begs the question:  Is Davis afraid of possibly having a person who is not African American in the Mayors office.  It would seem that he is using the courts to be racially divisive.

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