This Is Not Your Daddy’s Union

Times change.  Beliefs change. Even status can and does change.  When labor unionsforces organized for minimum wages, child labor laws, overtime, injury protection, etc., the times and beliefs were much different.  Back when, employers were able to take extreme advantage of their labor force.  Today, because of the efforts and demands of the unionized work forces, laws are in place to protect workers.  Which is exactly what was needed during those times.  This does not mean that some employers cant and do not still take advantage when they can skirt the laws.

There are those that believe the unions are necessary and then there are those that feel that the unions have out lived their purpose.  One of the biggest complaints about the unions is that they have bargained places like Chicago and Detroit up against the financial walls and even over the cliff in Detroit’s current financial bankrupt status.  So did this out bargaining diminish the union status in many people’s eyes? 

For those old enough to remember the errant labor strikes of the 60’s & 70’s, it was not uncommon for the majority of the auto industry to shutdown because of the unions.  They had that much power and clout. Given the fact that the United States is still trying to claw its way out of the Great Recession and the government bailouts that were given to General Motors and Chrysler, a unionized strike will not happen again for a while.

Another angering factor towards unions is that the have long protected individuals who should have been fired for so many various infractions.  Examples of drugs or alcohol on the job and the employer trying to exercise their rights in terminating a wayward employee and then the unions stepping in to get the persons job back.  Steps like that even took down the moral of the unions rank and file.

The questions that keeps striking many is:  Are the unions still necessary?  And have they helped to decimate the stability of large cities like Detroit and Chicago?

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