To Many Guns

There is the NRA (National Rifle Association), the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution, Legal Open Carry Laws, law abiding citizens who own firearms to gunsname just a few of the collective who will ensure that guns will be a part of the American society.  No one wants to trample on any American’s legal rights as long as those who own firearms do everything possible to make sure that the operation, handeling and securing of those weapons is heeded.  With the rights to bear arms and for the millions of Amercan’s who own firearms, it is also your responsibility to find a solution to the illegal weapons that are on our streets 24/7.

Detroit, Murder Capital of the World.  That distinction is an absolute embarrassment not just on the citizens who live in the City of Detroit but it is shame on the entire State of Michigan.   Yes there is the new police chief, James Craig.  To date he is impressive.  Is has grabbed the police department and shaken it to the core by making sweeping changes.  For the second time in a week the Detroit police raided the most crime-ridden address in the city.   Chief Craig is working hard to build moral amongst the ranks.  Moral in the Detroit Police Department had been obviously lacking for many years.  Though it has not been seen recently, it was not uncommon to paas through Rouge Park and see two and three squad cars in various areas of the park with the officers inside of those vehicles napping.  Those days hopefully are long gone.  It is those sworn officers that respond to the absurd amount of 911 calls that involve guns in the City of Detroit.

Gun violence knows no age limit.  Babies to our elderly are at risk every moment of every day in Detroit because of the amount of illegal guns that are out on the streets.  For those who lawfully own and carry your weapon, we thank you for being responsible.  However, your responsiblity does not stop there.  Every person who legally owns and carries a gun needs to address the issue of illegal guns on our streets.  As a collective group, someone has to have the answer on how to stop illegal weapons from getting in the hands of criminals who have no problem in casuing great harm to anyone who gets in their way.

Detroit is unique by its designation of being a border town linking the United States to Canada.  Not every car, truck or semi can be searched at he bridges or tunnel connecting Detroit to Canada.  So there is no doubt that weapons come in through those avenues.  There is also the waterways.  Another avenue for transporting illegal weapons.  Then add in the expressways, trains and Detroit Metro Airport.  Ho wcan anyone feel safe when all of these routes are so unsecure?  Will Detroit need to experience something close to what happened to New York on 9/11 for it to become a safer and more secure city?

What is the solution to this out of control problem in the City of Detroit?  Please leave your comments below.  The video below is shared from FOX2 News Detroit.
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