Some Consumers Against Big Box Retail Opening on Thanksgiving Day

DETROIT, MI – There are some in the consuming public who do not want to see big box holiday-shoppingretailers open on Thanksgiving Day.  They feel that this should be the one day that is reserved for family and they are trying to do what they can to thwart the efforts of those corporations.

For this year they are a day late and a couple of dollars short on that hope. Retailers like Walmart, the biggest of them all, will be opening on the holiday.  Annie Zirkel started a Facebook campaign urging retailers to respect Thanksgiving and not open for business.  She’s also favors creating a law that would ban shopping on the holiday.  You can see her in the video below that we are sharing from FOX2 News in Detroit.

The bigger picture is the economy.  The United States is just getting its footing back from the Great Recession.  Between Thanksgiving and Christmas American’s spend billions of dollars on everything from new cars to music CD’s and beyond.  This is the time of year when retailers like KMart, JCPenny & Sears who have been struggling see what the future holds for there survival or demise.  Shortly after the beginning of 2013 a prediction came out from economists that KMart & JCPenny would not be around at this time of year because of poor sales.

Consumers who side with Annie Zirkel should vote with their wallets and not shop on Thanksgiving Day.  If enough consumers side with her then the corporations of retail will have to rethink the plans for next year.

For consumers who have no issue with retailers being open on Thanksgiving Day, shop till you drop !

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