Gov. To Allow Killing Of Eagles for Wind Farms

DETROIT, MI – An article was noticed this morning on The Detroit News Free Eaglewebsite entitled ‘For wind power, U.S. to allow companies to get OK to kill eagles‘. It is written by Dina Cappiello of the Associated Press.  After our heads stopped wobbling on our shoulders from the whiplash of seeing the headline of the article, were we able to focus and take in what was written.

A request by the wind energy industry will provide legal protection for wind farms and other projects that obtain a permit to kill and/or harm bald and golden eagles for up to 30 years without penalty in an effort to balance some of the environmental trade-offs of green energy.  The article states that the Obama administration will allow companies to seek such authorization.

The National Audubon Society said it will challenge the decision and as they should.  The bald Eagle is a treasured national symbol that was near extinction.  It took some 30 years on the endangered species list for them to recover to acceptable levels.  Since the 1970s, the government had worked hard to save the bald eagle, which was dying off because of habitat destruction, illegal shooting and contamination of its food source.  Bald eagle populations severely declined in the lower 48 states between 1870 and 1970 because of hunting, habitat loss and the use of DDT.  On the day that the Bald Eagle was removed from the Endangered Species List in 2007, there were 9,789 breeding pairs in the lower 48 states.

What immediately jumped to mind when the headline of the article caught our attention is, Bald eagles typically mate for life, except in the event of their partner’s death or impotency !  It is nothing short of maddening that the Obama Administration would allow a new set of stresses to be placed on these majestic birds.

Companies that operate these wind farms would have to commit to take additional measures if they exceed their permit limits or if new information suggests eagle populations are being affected.

The Obama Administration cannot be so blind or short sighted in thought that these companies will honestly report every bird that they now or even in the future have killed.  This entire request and allowance is outrageous.

It is without question that a better way needs to be sought and our collective voices need to be heard loudly in the halls of the White House in Washington over this.

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