The Beautiful Holiday Lights in Alpena, MI

The downtown district is historic in Alpena, MI. Its old restored buildings invite you

The iconic St. Mary's Church of Alpena, MI

The iconic St. Ann’s Church of Alpena, MI

to walk the sidewalks at night during this time of year just to take in the lights of downtown Alpena.

But if you are honestly in a festive mood, dont stop there.  Get in your car and drive some of the neighborhoods.  You will be able to find and see some wonderful light displays that residents have taken the time to put together.

We took the time to go out and bring back photos for everyone to enjoy.  If you have someone who cannot get out of the house, is away from the area and cannot come back for the holidays, share these photos by giving them this link ( ) so they too can be Home for the Holidays in Alpena.

If you missed them, we also have photos posted of the Bolenz Holiday Parade that took place in Alpena a week ago.

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