BREAKING NEWS ! Clock House at the Heidelberg Project on Fire !!

DETROIT, MI – It is being reported at this hour that the Clock House at the Heidelberg Project is on clock housefire.  This is more than likely another fire set by the arsonist who has targeted the outdoor art installation in recent months.

Tyree Guyton’s resolve to keep this art project alive despite an arsonist who has targeted it has to be strained to the limits tonight.  The “Obstruction of Justice”, “House of Soul”, “The Penny House”, “War House” and now “The Clock House” have all fallen victim to fires believed to be set by one man who has yet to be caught.

Outrage over this is piling up online.  Some of those recent comments are posted here:

Online Commentary:

Larry Vibemaker Miller

OK wih yet ANOTHER Heidelberg Project house set ablaze tonight … the 5th one, is it at the point of outrage or the start of comedy??? WTF!!!

Mike Large

Apparently another heidelberg project house is burning down right now. What the fuck is wrong with people? I’m about to camp out with a sniper rifle. Seriously!

Du Du Harras

Can’t believe some assholes are burning the Heidelberg Project! I loved those artsy buildings as a kid. It was a cool spot to show my friends when they visited Detroit. Now it’s all almost gone. SUCKS!

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Detroit Free Press:  Heidelberg Project hit by fire again; this time, ‘Clock House’ burns BREAKING NEWS: Another fire reported at Heidelberg Project Previous Fire Article: The Heidelberg Project Endures Another Loss From Arson

Facebook Page for the Heidelberg Project Learn How you can Help.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for setting the fires that has destroyed parts of The Heidelberg Project.

The Bureau says that seven fires have been set at the Project from May 2 through November 28. The fires are being investigated by the ATF and the Detroit Fire Department’s Arson Unit.

“Arsons can have a devastating effect on the community, our chief concern is for families in the surrounding homes and for the lives of the firefighters who respond to these fires.” said Daryl McCrary, acting ATF Special Agent in Charge, in a news release. “ATF and DFD will continue to work together toward our goal of a successful prosecution in this crime.”

Anyone with information about the fires is urged to call either the ATF Hotline at 1 (888) ATF-Fire or the Detorit Fire Arson Unit at (313) 596-2940.

The reward comes as the IT consulting company Digital Planet is donating a mobile security camera to help protect the remaining parts of the Heidelberg Project.




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