Detroit Police Chief Plans More ‘Block Parties’

DETROIT, MI – Chief James Craig is making it known that the days of thug rule in DPDDetroit are over.  Those who have outstanding warrants for anything from fraud, aggravated assault, rape, counterfeiting, outstanding traffic warrants and probation violations are being rounded up to face the music.  Some residents have even fallen to their knees in thanks when the raids have taken place in their neighborhoods.

But an old nemesis to gaining control of the crime in the city is sounding its horn again.  The Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality has popped its head up to voice concerns that the raids are being conducted in a military fashion.

If you have never taken a look at this groups website, now would be a good time to do so.  The website is an interesting look because on its about page because a header states:  DEMANDS OF THE DETROIT COALITION AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY.  Each paragraph thereafter starts out with “We demand”.  It is actually disturbing in some ways to read it as is and not infer anything else into each paragraph.

James CraigGroups such as the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality do have a place but generally become more obstructionist than ones that create meaningful change.  Well intended but out of touch with reality when crimes in Detroit plague every street and every block for all residents and non-residents of the metro area.  So instead of immediately sending up flares in this fight on the criminal element, Ron Scott of the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality should be finding ways to stand up with DPD and not finding ways to be against the much needed efforts.  If Mr. Scott’s intent is to make a better Detroit, then come up with solutions and don’t put road blocks up.

Chief Craig’s message is clear that the thug, criminal elements that have been a massive cancer on Detroit will be dealt with.  As he has stated, “a block party is coming to your neighborhood”.  In this article on the Detroit Free Press website, Detroit police plan more raids to improve safety in neighborhoods, it is very evident that a ‘new day’ has come for Detroit.


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