Councilman Cushingberry Proves Hes Not Ready Lead

DETROIT, MI – Detroit, you have major problems ahead.  During the general George Cushingberryelection the voters voted for change.  Unfortunately, they will not be getting what they want and need.  Councilman George Cushingberry proves in less than 24 hours that he is not going to be good whatsoever in his elected position.

In the Editorial section on the Detroit News website you will find an article entitled ‘City Council is off to a bad start‘.  Within three hours of the article being posted to the site, Cushingberry posted the following comment:

Councilman George Cushingberry Jr. Detroit City Council District #2

Dear Detroit News, Go to hell. Go straight to hell. Do not pass go and don’t even think about collecting $200. Jones and Cush will lead the Push for an even Greater Detroit. #WeLoveDetroit

This type of attitude and commentary is absolutely unacceptable from someone who is elected to serve the citizens of Detroit.  Residents do not want nor need an empty slogan of ‘Jones and Cush will lead the Push for an even Greater Detroit. #WeLoveDetroit’.  It is immature and only moves to serve those mentioned in it.  Brenda Jones and George Cushingberry.

In response to Cushingberry’s comment, Raoul Touque posted the following

  • George Cushingberry Jr.: Had a few cocktails this evening, did you Cush? Your response to this opinion piece makes you seem like a real    pro.

Shortly thereafter Cushingberry responds

  • Raoul Touque, I am just being honest in my feelings.
  • Help our fellow citizens this winter with their car repairs.

How absurdly ridiculous is the person who is in the #2 spot on the new Detroit City Council going to be if this is his initial public response to disapproval to choices being made?

Cushingberry obviously has overlooked that any council member can be removed by Emergency Financial Manager Kevin Orr.  Mistakes and second chances are given in the general context of life but given the enormous problems facing Detroit, mistakes and second chances flew out the window long ago.  George Cushingberry does not deserve a pass on this and his departure needs to be quick.

Detroit City Council must get it right the first time because mistakes, missteps, self serving council members need to be addressed immediately by the residents of Detroit.

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