Detroit City Council’s Revolving Door of Crazy

DETROIT, MI – Craziness. Corruption. Lunacy. Inept.  Those are just a small list of labels that people have saw from the various years from that so fun revolving door on the chambers of the Detroit City Council.

Sitting in our #1 spot for nut job who served on the council is JoAnn Watson.  JoAnn-WatsonWatson was a daily dose of whats next.  From her outrageous outfits that she wore to her paying only $68 in property taxes  because city records indicated her home didn’t exist and then she loudly demanded that Obama should bring Detroit the ‘Bacon’ or more commonly known as a bailout.  She sang that tune all the way until she left the council table when she did not run for reelection.

Monica ConyersIn the #2 spot for her hand being caught in the cookie jar is Monica Conyers.  Oh Monica !  How could you besmirch the good name of your Congressman husband John Conyers by accepting a bribe?  It was so unbecoming a lady of such grace and quality.  We miss you sitting at the council table singing ‘Do ya job, Do ya job !’.  This article would be no way complete if we didn’t take you back to that ever so lovely day of ‘Shrek’

As the nation laughed as it was played out time and time again over the air on almost every TV around, Detroiters held their heads high because they had yet another Ace sitting at the table.

Barbara Rose Collins you are at #3 on our list.  Misty eyed does not even come barbara rose collinsclose to missing you sitting at that the table with that big yellow dress and tiara balanced on your head.  And when you would sing us an old gospel hymn out of the blue, pens would drop, members would jump and shout.  Those were the days !

It must be mentioned that you did not fly on the cheap.  Especially when as a trustee on Detroit’s police and fire pension fund, you spent more than $20,000 on a pension conference to Dubai.  You were quoted as saying “I agree that’s a lot of money. I’m glad that I went business class, but I bet I could have found a cheaper fare if I had tried.”  Cra Cra?  Naaa.

Don’t worry because the newest crop of crazy has been planted and has already given us an early bounty in George Cushingberry, Jr.  He likes to let major media just know what he thinks by telling the Detroit News to “Go To Hell”.  He also appears to like strip clubs which he calls “just a neighborhood bar”. Add to that driving with alcohol and pot in his old beat up Buick with his assistant only to get stopped by the cops.  So now he is saying that he was ‘racially profiled’.

George, we sit wide eyed waiting to see whats next.  Bring it !  BRING IT !!


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