Push “Cush” Out of Office

DETROIT, MI – The last time that we poked at George Cushingberry the George Cushingberry-1investigation had not been completed on his now infamous ‘Driving While Black’ claim when he was stopped by Detroit Police after leaving a ‘neighborhood’ bar or as most would call it, a common strip club.

The investigation into the incident has been finalized.  Cushingberry’s claims that he was profiled and stopped by the Detroit Police because he is an African-American have proven to be blatantly false.  The two officers, one black and one Arab-American, who originally initiated the traffic stop acted properly.  However, the Sergeant who was called to the scene was wrong in giving George Cushingberry preferential treatment.

As predicted on 01/13/2014, if George Cushingberry did not take the high road and resign, a grass roots campaign to have him removed would commence.  In District 2, which Cushingberry is supposed to represent on the Detroit City Council, residents are now calling for his resignation.  At a community meeting on Saturday, January 25th, 2014, residents expected to discuss Cushingberry and possibly of mounting a campaign to oust him. When residents arrived, they learned Cushingberry was not on the agenda for that community meeting as anticipated.

Push “Cush” out of office will gain traction if the Community Leaders holding that meeting send a letter to emergency manager Kevyn Orr asking that Cushingberry be stripped of his power and his pay.  Residents of District 2 need to hold their Community Leaders accountable to ensure that the letter is sent to EFM Kevyn Orr.  Sadly, if those residents had done a general search on the internet regarding George Cushingberry prior to the election, they would have learned very quickly that he was no better in Lansing than he is sitting at the council table in Detroit.

George Cushingberry has proven to be a liar, a thief and a cheat to name just a few things that can be attributed to him.  Trust is not something that George Cushingberry, Jr. has from the community and not in just District 2.  His credibility with the residents is shot to shreds.

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