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DETROIT, MI – Hes a main suspect in the November barbershop shooting that left three dead and six wounded.  He also was indicted in crimeNovember for allegedly assaulting a Detroit Police officer/FBI agent.  The suspect/defendant, Larry Walker II, filed a motion asking to be released from the Wayne County Jail so he can get married.

Walker’s attorney Carla R. Marable said “He was the one who drove the kids to school, and since he’s been locked up, it’s been a lot of havoc on the family,” Marable said. “They had wedding invitations printed, and were all set for the wedding. I’m hoping they’ll release him so he can get married.” (Source:  The Detroit News)

It is well understood that the defendants attorney must represent him to the best of her ability.  This would seem not to be the best uses of her time and knowledge.  This guy is trying to take a page out of the Kwame Kilpatrick’s book of tricks.  He has a lengthy criminal record to begin with excluding the current charges against him.  His hopes and his attorneys should not get to high on this motion.

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