Police Searching For Missing 21 Yr Old

Funeral Services Announced For Johnny Honeycutt

Johnny Honeycutt 21 Yr Old Found Apparently Found Dead

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 9:35 PM

Updated February 14, 2014 8:54:43 PM

New Article:  21 Year Old Vanishes Off The Grid

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1622385_10203028263214881_532195579_oSEARCH PARTY : We are meeting tomorrow morning, 02/15/2014 @ 7:00 AM Faidra Page‘s house 37068 Yates Ct. New Haven MI. If you are serious about searching for Johnny Honeycutt and can be part of a search team, please be there. We will need an organizer.  Someone who is familiar with the area that needs to be searched and is willing to take the lead. Please post to Have You Seen Johnny Honeycutt on Facebook with your comments.

MACOMB, COUNTY, MI – The Macomb County Sheriff’s Department is trying Johnny Honeycutt-1to locate a missing 21 year old man.  He was last seen Tuesday, February 11, 2014.  Johnny Ray Honeycutt was returning home from a trip to Indiana after visiting with his father.  Honeycutt is from New Haven, MI.

Around 1 Tuesday afternoon Honeycutt sent his mother a text saying that he had crossed the state lines from Indiana and was in Michigan. The last person to hear from him was his grandmother who is in Indiana. He sent her a text saying “in Michigan” at 1p.m.

About 30 minutes later his mother received another text from her sons phone. The text was from a truck driver saying the phone was found at a rest stop.  He had stopped at the Coldwater rest area/Coldwater Welcome Center which is about 5 miles from the Michigan/Indiana border.  He had been driving without his drivers license because he had lost it.

2004 dodge neonJohnny Honeycutt was driving a silver 2004 Dodge Neon.  License Plate number: Michigan Plate DBS3440.  The front passenger headlight has tape on it.  The car has a Michigan sticker in the back window and a handicap sign hanging on the rear view mirror, Detroit baseball symbol (Old English D).   Honeycutt and his vehicle are both missing.  His Facebook page has further photos that may help you identify him.  More photos of Johnny Ray Honeycutt can be found here.

You can also request to join the Facebook Group Have you seen Johnny Honeycutt?

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He was last seen wearing a White T-Shirt, Dark Blue Jeans, Jacket as pictured Johnny Honeycutt-3here.

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If you have any information contact the Macomb Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

Macomb County
Sheriff’s Office

43565 Elizabeth Road
Mt. Clemens, MI 48043
Directions by GoogleMaps

Phone: 586-469-5151
Email: Sheriff@MacombSheriff.com

Or Contact Faidra Page 586-651-0378 or Johnny Maxey 317-832-7818

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Map of the area that Johnny Honeycutt was known to have stopped at.

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** There has been confusion on Fox2’s printed information because there is a New Haven, IN and a New Haven, MI. To clear the confusion, information printed here hopes to solve the issue so this young man can be found.  Fox2 is where this story first broke. **


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