Star Cass Tech QB Arraigned On Charges

DETROIT, MI – Jayru Campbell was arraigned Wednesday morning on charges Jayru Campbell mug shotannounced by Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy during a press conference yesterday afternoon. Campbell who was wearing his Cass Tech varsity jacket was arraigned via video by Chief Magistrate Millicent Sherman.  Campbell is charged as an adult.

Magistrate Sherman set his bond at 10% of $5,000.  She also ordered Jayru Campbell not to have any contact with Cass Tech.  Campbell is suspended from school and the Detroit Public School League will have to decide his school status.

Jayru Campbell’s future with Michigan State University as a recruit also remains in limbo based on his alleged actions that brought about the very serious charges. The felony charge could put Campbell behind bars for a maximum of 10 years.

Many have been upset that this entire incident is being played out in the media.  Cass Tech football coach Thomas Wilcher made the statement “I don’t understand why everything has to be played out in the media about this kid’’.  Wilcher also stated he was surprised that the prosecutor’s office held a news conference to announce the charges.  Coach Wilcher said “I’m just ticked at the whole process.’’  He feels that the charges are to harsh.

Coach Wilcher and those in the public who feel the charges are to harsh and are upset by the media attention should not be surprised at the fallout.  The coach and the public should understand that Campbell is well old enough to know that actions like those that he is accused of committing are unacceptable.  This is not how you deal with life issues.  It is also not lost on the facts that this young man may well have ‘body slammed’ his once very bright future right into the trash.  It is that bright future that law abiding citizens will cheer on but will also watch as it implodes under the glaring lights of the media.  Not every young life has the opportunities that Jayru Campbell held.  It continues to be a very sad day when a coach at Cass Tech, a person who is responsible for teaching Jayru Campbell, appears to not comprehend that ghetto, thug mentality and actions must end at the school doors.

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