Heroin Takes Another Young Life

DETROIT, MI – Heroin is cheap, is easy to find and is highly addictive.  How heroin-02many times have we heard or read that?  Too many.  The recent high-profile death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman has put a spotlight on the heroin crisis.

Heroin has a high risk of accidental overdose.  Heroin purity and dosage amounts can vary widely. Basically, the heroin user never really knows what level of dosage they may be taking.  Heroin that has been heavily “cut” or “stepped on” by mixing it with other ingredients, such as Fentanyl, and they suddenly find themselves with a batch of pure heroin, the consequences can be fatal. Heroin has caused dozens of deaths across the Northeast.

Hoffman’s death was a line of succession which led to yet another death of a young Michigan man.  21 yr old Johnny Honeycutt was found dead in his car  by Harper Woods Police from what relatives have reported as a drug overdose.  Police and his family are awaiting toxicology results for an official confirmation.

Heroin trafficking is a top priority for the Drug Enforcement Administration.  Officials hope that by raising public awareness, users will know to stay away from this potent drug.  Anyone with any knowledge of heroin in the Detroit area knows that the I-94 corridor, once you hit the city limits, is a hotbed of heroin traffic.  That is not to say that I-94 and its service drives are the only easy on, easy off means of locating the drug.

One example of the easy location and purchase of heroin is at the I-94 & West Warren Avenue exit.  The streets of Vancourt & Hazel off this exit are well known for its drug trade in heroin.  It is not just those two streets.  It is also the streets that surround that area as well.  On either side of this exit you will find many abandoned homes that drugs are being sold out of.  It is a place where the true hard core addicts will go to score.  The right look and nod can make those who lurk in the shadows coming running to the corners to find out what you are looking for.  The area is also a place where you might not come out alive.  Many individuals have died not only from drug overdose but have been robbed, car jacked, stabbed and outright shot for what little they may have.  That is not to say that all people in that area are bad.  But those that have ill intentions out weigh the good people.  It’s a plain fact.

When word was given that the search for Johnny Honeycutt was going to start in Detroit and not at the last known place at the rest area, flags were quickly raised wanting to know why start in Detroit?  It was upon learning that Honeycutt was found in Harper Woods and after doing a little research, it did not take long to understand that Harper Woods too has its own issues with heroin.

Johnny Honeycutt was located at the city limits between Detroit and Harper Woods.  It was only 2 months ago that a State Police drug raid in Harper Woods seized 114 grams of cocaine, 94 grams of crack, 35 grams of heroin, 33 marijuana plants and about 3/4 pounds of marijuana. That three month investigation led to warrants being served at residences on the 19000 block of Goulburn in Detroit and 19000 block of Eastburn in Harper Woods.

Note must be made that the new police chief of Detroit, James Craig, is truly taking aim at the many criminal problems that have plagued this city for way too long.  Now that Detroit is in bankruptcy and Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr has the checkbook in hand, the police department is once again becoming effective. It started with the new patrol cars and the EMS vehicles that were donated by corporations and private funding.  A move that was unprecedented.  Orr is working with newly elected Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to make real change in a city that has begged for it for decades.

Drugs are not just a big city problem.  On November 21st, 2013, MIHeadlines.com published an article about the heroin epidemic that has hit Monroe, MI very hard.  Jeannie Richards of Monroe lost her son to heroin addiction on Jan. 27, 2011.  She discovered that nine others in her neighborhood have died from the same addiction. In 2012, the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office totaled 281 deaths that were classified as undetermined, which is the category most drug-related deaths fall under.

Addiction is an illness.  Addiction will cause changes in those that we love that are unexpected and sometimes heartbreaking.  An  awareness campaign has been formed on Facebook about the issues related to heroin.  You can visit the Facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/Heroinkills/

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