Kym Worthy, Admired Wayne County Prosecutor

DETROIT, MI – Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is in a financial fight with Wayne County kym worthyExecutive Bob Ficano.  The two are on such opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to who do you trust.  Worthy is a woman of her word.  Ficano is a man of distrust.  If you are a criminal, you may not admire Kym Worthy just because of her job.  But those on the right side of they law hold her in high regard.

During an interview that aired on 02/20/2014 on Fox2’s Let It Rip with Huel Perkins, Kym Worthy laid out a picture that was more than logical.  She spoke of the loss of 76 attorney’s in her office to prosecute cases because of massive budget cuts that Bob Ficano has implemented.  Even Worthy’s own salary has been cut by Ficano but he has yet to shave one dime off of his.

The most interesting part to the interview was putting all of the pieces together which she did so eloquently. The movers and shakers are doing everything they can to rebuild Detroit and make it a destination instead of a place to flee from.  Kevyn Orr, the Emergency Financial Manager for Detroit, has the Detroit Police Department under his control with the new Detroit Police Chief James Craig.  Craig in a very short time has helped to make DPD effective again by conducting raids on the most crime infested addresses in the city.  Craig and his staff can conduct the raids, arrest those who are wanted but it is then in the hands of Kym Worthy’s office to prosecute those offenders.

Robert Ficano-1Since their is such a back log of cases in Worthy’s office because of the budget cuts by Bob Ficano, some of those arrested will end up falling through the cracks.  So the cycle of the offender starts all over again.  As Kym Worthy stated, no one will come to an area where they do not feel safe.  As there are many that are trying to breathe life back into Detroit, there is the one person who stands in the way of its progress based on safety more than any other.  Robert Ficano.

Southeast Michigan, Wayne County and specifically Detroit will not see the revival that it so craves if cuts to safety keep happening because of likes of Bob Ficano.  Ficano obviously does not have the best interests of pubic safety in his view.  By cutting the budgets of both the Wayne County Prosecutors office and the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office he is placing the momentum of Detroit’s come back in great jeopardy.

Bob Ficano’s administration and Wayne County are funded by tax payer dollars.  Not just from Wayne County but the State of Michigan as well.  Tax payers deserve better than what Ficano is giving back for those dollars.  It is no secret that he has wasted millions and continues to waste dollar after dollar after dollar on corrupt appointees, failed projects such at the new Wayne County Jail, the Guardian Building and so much more.  When and how will the buck stop where it’s supposed to?

Tax payers need to demand that the Wayne County Prosecutors office be funded properly.  You will find no better person as dedicated to her elected office than that of Kym Worthy.
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