New Detroit Police Chief Gets Death Threat

Published on: Feb 22, 2014 @ 18:57

BREAKING NEWS:  DETROIT, MI. — Detroit Police Chief James Craig was issued a Chief James Craigdeath threat.  The FBI, Michigan State Police and local law enforcement are investigating.

The threat was discovered on the internet on Friday.  Authorities believe the man to be a drug dealer.  The post on Facebook stated ‘We need to take the chief out’.  It has been deemed a credible threat.

Chief Craig and the DPD have been doing high profile raids on some of the most crime ridden addresses known in the City of Detroit.  Craig believes the raids are costing this particular drug dealer money and he made his wanted intent known on social media.

Once word of this broke on social media, it was quickly summed up that Chief Craig must be doing his job to get a threat of this nature.  Here are just some of those comments:

“Of course some thug wants him dead. He’s doing a good job and they don’t want that. They wanna keep being bad and getting away with it.”

“He’s doing a great job. Detroit has needed him a long time ago.”

‘The criminals are getting desperate, not used to DPD doing a great job, so they want to get rid of him for good. Oh, here’s a thought, get a job and be productive. just saying”

“He’s doing a superb job in a lawless city now the gangstas are worried that someone is going to stand up to them, now they wanna take him out . I guess they got the message. Keep putting the heat on Chief Craig”

“Must’ve been someone from FaceBook that posted a negative comment.”

Will this embolden Chief Craig to reduce crime further and more aggressively in the City of Detroit?

We will keep you updated as further information comes forward.