Bob Ficano Testing Election Climate

DETROIT, MI – Plagued by numerous scandals while being Wayne County Robert Ficano-1Executive does not seem to make Robert Ficano flinch when it comes to him possibly running for reelection.  He seems to be not so quietly waving the reelect me flag without actually saying it for public consumption.

Bob Ficano is a master at side stepping land mine questions in the political arena.  He has mastered the art of talking out of both sides of his dirty, soiled political hat.  On Tuesday, the Robert A. Ficano Committee held a private gathering of CEOs, friends, colleagues and high profile supporters where it is believed that Ficano once again splashed his stubby toes in the bath of the reelection pool.

A four page document was glad handed out listing his accomplishments, defending him against critics and interestingly it included a section asking those in attendance how they would like to help with a re-election campaign.  So for a political diva like Bob Ficano to not yet be running, he sure is trying to get his ducks, scratch that, allies in a row to help him try once again to make electors believe he is the right man in the wake of massive financial mismanagement and appointee scandal.

Little Bob Ficano has been getting help in filling his political piggy bank too.  His political war chest is bursting with cha ching.  His latest report for campaign spending shows he has $400,000 in his campaign and political action committees.  No other candidate, running or not running, is even close to that right now.

There is one thing that Bob Ficano cannot buy though, the will of the voters.

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