Neighborhood Grocery Store Gets Designation as Most Filthy in the City

DETROIT, MI – The Superland Market located at 17021 Schoolcraft Road in Malik ShabazzDetroit has been dubbed the most filthy in the city.

Local activist Malik Shabazz stated that he had been tipped off about this neighborhood grocery store.  Shabazz has been known to be one who craves media attention so it is pretty obvious that prior to the ‘Pop-up inspection’ that he and his posse’ conducted, he contacted the local media.  Fox 2 (WJBK) had their camera’s rolling when it all went down.

There is no doubt based on the video shot by WJBK that the store has been neglected for a long time by it’s owner Steven Najor.  To Najor’s credit, yes he does hire people from the neighborhood to work in the establishment.  Now that the ‘activists’ have thrown the spotlight on this place, whats next?

Malik Shabazz is one who has a tendency to be mostly talk and little action.  At least this time he is pointing out the lack of cleanliness in a grocery store that seems to not have had a health inspector in it in years.  Shabazz stated on camera that he and his group are going ‘to work with the owner to clean up the store’.  It is now up to the community to hold Shabazz to his word.

What needs to happen first and foremost is a good State of Michigan Health Inspection.  That would give all interested parties the blueprint of what needs to happen first.  No timeline on how soon that Malik Shabazz or Steven Najor will get the ball rolling on getting the rotting smell of meat out of the air but Shabazz says they’ll boycott the market if that does not begin.

Malik Shabazz needs to stop being a media whore and actually do something for the community.  This is just his latest stunt to get his name and face in the press for attention.  Before Shabazz and his group entered this grocery store, a plan of action should have been laid out if A, B & C are present.  So this story running on Fox 2 today is not much more than a media hooker parading up and down Michigan Avenue with a broken heel.  Fix the problem instead of looking for attention Malik Shabazz.

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