Question Answered About Leavenworth National Cemetery Video

LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS – A video has been circulating on Facebook regarding grave markers that were found to be broken and tossed in a creek at  897_leavLeavenworth National Cemetery.

Many on Facebook have been outraged at the sight of these broken and discarded tombstones.  Somewhere a logical answer was to be had.  Here is what a phone call to the cemetery manager gave us:

Why did this happen and what is being done about it?

Answer:  All graves in the national cemetery are properly marked. The grave markers are many times replaced when a spouse dies or the marker over time is damaged and needs to be replaced.

Up until about 30 years ago and the manager of the cemetery does not have the answer to this, the damaged markers were tossed near this creek and had been buried until recent rains had unearthed them.  The practice of partial markers just being buried is  no longer done. The markers are now crushed and buried.  No disrespect to our veterans was ever meant.

Washington is aware of the problem and is working to get it cleaned up. They have had multiple phone calls concerning this issue.  We were told to please be assured the situation is being handled.

Updated Information:  Originally the article had Fort Leavenworth National Cemetery in the title.  It is actually Leavenworth National Cemetery.  Our Apologies for not realizing that there are separate cemeteries.  In speaking with their offices this morning there was no distinction between the two.  We have also shared out the video from