Education Achievement Authority Reinstates Fired Teacher

DETROIT, MI – Tiffani Eaton, the teacher who broke up a fight in her classroom, Pershing High Schoolhas her job back this morning.

The Education Achievement Authority (EAA) has decided to reinstate Tiffani Eaton as a teacher at Pershing High School.   Eaton will also get retro pay and will have the option of being reassigned to another school district.

She lost her job after the above video surfaced of her allegedly using a broom to break up a fight between two students.  Tiffani Eaton was fired because the school told her she had violated a policy against striking any student.

Kiren Lowery, one of the students who has admitted to fighting in the video, was suspended along with the other student for only 10 days.  Tiffany Eaton stated to Fox 2 News that she did not have the opportunity to get to know Kiren Lowery very well because she only had about 3 weeks worth of time teaching him.  He had stated that she got what she deserved in her being terminated.

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