Burlington, MI Man Needs Help for Surgical Procedure

BURLINGTON, MI – Dan Mauer suffers from a rare condition called Scrotal Dan MauerLymphedema.  His insurance will not cover the costs to remove to 100 pound growth.

On gofundme.com this is the information that Dan provides:  Hello my name is Dan. I have  Scrotal Lymphedema and the doctor that specializes in that type of surgery is who I would prefer to remove the 75 pound growth on my abdomen is not covered by my insurance. Please help me get this done as I don’t see any other way to live a semi normal life. Thank you for taking the time to read this and god bless.

Mr. Mauer is 39 years old.  He has sought treatment for many years and had been misdiagnosed.  It was not until he saw a show on TLC called “The Man with the 132-Pound Scrotum” that he finally found hope.  That is where he learned that he too had Scrotal Lymphedema.

Dan Mauer requires this life changing and life saving surgery.  You can help by donating to his cause at gofundme.com.  You can also help by ‘Sharing’ this article on all of the Social Media sites that you frequent.

Original article by Sarah Sell on the Detroit Free Press website

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