Missing 12-year-old Boy Charlie Bothuell Found Alive

DETROIT, MI – Detroit police chief: Missing 12-year-old boy Charlie Bothuell imagesfound alive, well in dad’s basement.  Charlie was found behind a barrier made of boxes as police executed a search warrant at the home.  No one else was home at the time. Charlie Bothuell has been taken to the hospital for evalution.  Police do not believe that the boy could have erected the barrier himself.

“We found him,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said of Charlie Bothuell. “He’s safe and in protective custody.”

Reports are coming in that Charlie Bothuell’s father and possibly his step-mother will face child abuse charges.  Charlie Bothuell is currently at Children’s Hospital in Detroit being evaluated.

Charlie Bothuell, Sr., was doing an interview with Nancy Grace when he learned that his son had been found.  Surmise is that the reaction from the elder Bothuell was contrived.  It became even more apparent when he was doing an interview outside of his home and his emotion showed very few tears.  Video that we are sharing from that interview from Fox 2 News reenforces those beliefs.

Most major national news media sites are also reporting on this bizzare story:

Missing Detroit Boy Charlie Bothuell Found in Dad’s Basement

Missing Detroit Boy Found Alive in His Basement

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