United States Border Fight Moves North to Vassar, MI

VASSAR, MI – Residents of Vassar, Michigan are not happy with the prospect ofvassar mi housing 120 male migrants at a facility ran by Wolverine Human Services in their community.

Protestors were very vocal that they do not want refugees of any type in their midst.  A 145 bed juvenile facility in Vassar called the Pioneer Work and Learn Center was the focal point of protests Wednesday evening at Vassar High School.

Protestors made it clear that they did not want 12 to 17 year old migrants to be housed in Vassar and they feel that the United States cannot care for it’s own children, elderly and poor properly.

Wolverine Human Services leaders met with city officials on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2014 to discuss housing the children in Vassar. Wolverine Human Services does not yet have a government contract necessary to begin this process to house those refugees.

Pioneer Work and Learn Center is a 145 bed treatment facility in Vassar that was opened in 1987.  The facility was developed to provide a unique six month residential treatment program with vocational work study and experiential outdoor activities, combined with a six month Aftercare program.

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