KMart Pulling Plug on Two Metro Detroit Locations

ALPENA, MI – KMart announced to that it is closing two of its locations in the kmartDetroit metro area.

Sears Holdings, the parent company to KMart, announced earlier this year that it would be closing at least 80 plus stores because of over $400 million in lost income.  Today it made good on that announcement.

The two locations that are closing in the metro area are the one on Telegraph Road, just south of 8 Mile Road in Detroit, and the Southgate location on Fort Street. They will be closing in October.  At least 250 people will lose their jobs because of these closings.

Kmart Miller Rd Flint

Kmart Miller Rd Flint

The Kmart location in Flint on Miller Road years ago thrived.  The parking lot was always full of cars.  Today not more than a dozen cars filled any of the spaces.  The Miller Road location has been in operation for at least 50 years and it shows.

Since opening its location on US-23 south in Alpena, the building has had few if any changes.  It is a tired store with not the greatest of customer traffic.  The interior and exterior are dated.  More customers do come in at certain times of the year but how long can this location survive?

The KMart store in Alpena cannot come close to the customer base that Walmart has.  It will take yet another hit when Meijer opens next year.  Competition is squeezing KMart.

If Sears Holdings is planning any type of major turn around for this location or others under the KMart brand, then it needs to start now or close them all down.