Add This Telephone Number to Your List of Scams

ALPENA, MI – In the past few days residents around Michigan have been Phone Scamreceiving solicitation telephone calls from (248)-228-3916.  These calls are scams.

When a call was received on a Sunday morning from this number and the person placing the call hung up abruptly, an internet search was in order.  This telephone number has had several people post warnings about it.  Below are some of those comments:

Jim in PA – Just got a call (Sunday around noon) for the “Tornado Victims Relief Fund” or something like that. Sounded like either a scam or very little of the donation would go to the victims so hung up.

Andrew – Phone call for Disable Veterans of America. The guy told me to “F___ off” as I was hanging up the phone.

MG – I received a call from disabled vets too, told the guy I lost my job.  He said something about we have an envelope to send you, I said okay he took that as me saying you said you just wanted to donate. He then caught an attitude an hung up.  I called the number back and went through an automated response that said if you want your number removed from our list press 1, pressed 1 so hard I almost broke the button, lol.

PO’d – really rude lady, i told her i had kids to feed and was struggling with money as well, she told me at least i have a roof over my head and hung up. im pissed because i donate money to almost every call i get, and this woman insults me…

If you do get a telephone call from this number or others that you know are a scam, you can simply hang up without saying a word to them.  If your telephone number is listed in the National Do Not Call Registry, you can file a complaint.

If you believe you got a scam call and gave away personal details that could be used to steal your identity, call your local police station on the non-emergency number and report the number you were called from and the details of the conversation.

Another option is to go to and type in the phone number of the scammer. After that you will get your full report showing you the name of the scam artist, prank caller, etc. In your full report you will be given a link to report the scam phone calls.

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