Overdoses at ‘Rave’ in Mecosta County Bring EMS and Police From 3 Jurisdictions

MECOSTA COUNTY, MI – MLive.com and FOX 17 are reporting several people Ravebeing hospitalized from a ‘Rave’ -style party near Canadian Lakes this weekend that brought police from 3 counties and EMS to the scene.

An online flyer advertising the Rave called “Project P” billed it as the “craziest event of your lifetime.”  “It was all online on Facebook, they weren’t giving the address out til a couple hours before the party that way the cops couldn’t plan for it and try to stop it,” said Charrelle Dunston.

There is no doubt that police will be pouring over Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts for those who attended the Rave.  Many of those who attended could and some should expect a knock on their front doors as this investigation is underway.

The hashtags of , are being used on Twitter about the gathering.  The organizer, James Taylor, even posting today that it was a ‘Success’.

passed outThe Rave was so intense that, while Fox 17 News cameras were rolling, a young kid could be seen still passed out on the floor inside of the farm house late into the afternoon at 6:30 p.m.  The reporter and camera crew initially were concerned if he were alright.  He did move around some and the fears from the crew for his well-being diminished.

During the interview and reporting from Fox 17, it was noticed that another passed out-1person was also passed out on a snowmobile trailer out in the barn yard also at 6:30 p.m.

Police became aware of the party around 11 p.m. Saturday evening.  Authorities responded to 4708 70th Avenue, Blanchard, MI in Mecosta County at approximately 1:30 a.m. after receiving calls of overdoses and injuries.

Police say several people were treated on scene and taken to the hospital for alcohol and drug related injuries and overdoses.  Those requiring medical attention were transported to Kelsey Hospital in Lakeview, Mount Pleasant Hospital and Spectrum Health in Big Rapids.

An alleged sexual assault of a 19 year old Mount Pleasant girl is also being reported by MLive.com to have happened in a vehicle while attending the Rave.  A group of friends followed one ambulance away from the party. They said that the woman inside the ambulance had been gang raped.  “Four men carried her down the road,” said a friend of the alleged victim. “She’s not doing well.”

Charges are forthcoming for the organizers.  The Mecosta County Sheriff’s Office said multiple charges are being sought “for the property resident and the organizers” of what was promoted as “Project P,” a large gathering at 4708 70th Ave. southeast of Canadian Lakes.

At 4:25 a.m. Fox 17 began reporting on a suspected ‘Rave’ putting emergency crews and police on the scene of a large “social media open invite” party in Mecosta County.  Crews were called out around 1:30 a.m. Sunday to the scene near the area of 5 Mile Rd. and 70th Avenue in Hinton Township.

Inside the RaveDispatchers described the party as a ‘Rave’ which brought out a huge response by authorities.  By 1:20 a.m. authorities had received several calls about partygoers who had overdosed on hard drugs.  It is estimated that over 2,000 people showed up to party, many of them under 21 years old.

5 Mile Road into the party was almost entirely blocked when police and EMS arrived.  Further reports are that cars were lined up on 5 Mile Rd. stretching up 70th Avenue as far as up to 75th Avenue.  It is also being told that the people hosting the party were collecting $5 per car for parking and up to $75 for “VIP” access to the house on the property.

Mecosta County Sheriff’s Deputies said they were instructed by the sheriff not to attempt to break up the party, fearing it would worsen the matter and prompt some of the attendees to drive drunk.

Initial reports are that two people had overdosed on heroin during the  ‘mass casualty incident’ response, which included every available deputy, officer and paramedic from Mecosta, Montcalm and Isabella counties.

One person had no pulse and another was initially reported to dispatchers as unconscious in a garage.  Police found two people in need of medical attention.  One, who is 14 years old, by the road and another person as passing out and suffering from alcohol poisoning.  Six people or more were reported to have been injured during the party.This is aftermath of a Project X type party overnight in Mecosta Co

Officers on scene requested a medical helicopter but were told flights were unavailable due to weather.

Due to the huge emergency response, it pulled officials from multiple jurisdictions to the area.  It will likely cost of thousands of dollars to the taxpayer.

20 year old James Taylor calls the farm house that’s been in his family for 100 years his party house. Taylor said that he thinks he successfully threw the largest party ever to hit West Michigan.  Two DJ’s, a fire thrower, go-go dancers and strippers were all part of the Rave.

Taylor stated during an interview with Fox 17 News that “it was worth it” despite drug overdoses.  Taylor said that he’s expecting to be contacted by sheriff’s deputies in the next couple of days. He said that he will face the music and take responsibility for anything he’s done that was criminal.

Some of the posts on Twitter:

Hannah Lynn. ? ?@hannahlynn597 The cops didn’t bust the party, they just brought more lights.

: Chanting fuck the police last night was awesome!

, killing it with DJ Derek. Biggest Party of my whole life. 2,000 plus people.

can’t believe we seen chief keef in the flesh

Swear to god Chief Keef and Gandolf the Great were both there man saw them both!

Chief KeefAs this story has unfolded during the day and into the evening MIHeadlines noticed the post about Chief Keef ‘attending the Rave’.  Story facts always need to be checked.  However, while those facts were being checked, we decided to play along and posted a small piece about him in this article.

Those who attended the Rave and many who did not were watching us and we were watching what they were posting on Twitter and other areas of the internet.

At the time that the Rave was taking place, Keith Cozart aka Chief Keef, was posting on his own Twitter Account about things going on in his life and it was not about this party.  He is currently fighting his own battles with an Arrest Warrant that was issued for him on July 14th, 2014 out of Illinois for Child Support.

One person posted to Twitter using the hashtag  wondering why the only ones really talking about the Rave were those who did not attend?  The answer to that could be that they are smart enough to try and distance themselves from the Rave and law enforcement stemming from the various problems that arose from it or they could still be to wore out from the night before to post anything.

As of 11:30 p.m. August 3rd, 2014  and the accounts of this Rave are tending online.  Number 22 in the world and number 16 in the US.

Police are concerned that a similar party was being planned in the weeks ahead. That event was also slated to take place in Mecosta County.

The Mecosta County Sheriff’s office and Michigan State Police are continuing to investigate.

Anyone with information pertaining to this incident is asked to call police at 231-592-0150.

Further information can be found on Fox 17 News, Fox 17’s Facebook Page or MLive.com

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