Detroit City Councilman Charged with being ‘Super Drunk’

DETROIT, MI – In late June, Detroit City Councilman, Scott Benson was Scott-Bensonarrested in Southfield on suspicion of drunk driving.  He was not just drunk.  He is being charged with being ‘Super Drunk’.

Officers got a search warrant for a blood draw, which was taken from the Benson at a local hospital. Southfield Police said Benson’s blood-alcohol level was 0.244.

The new “super drunk” laws means Benson faces 180 days in jail — nearly twice the penalty for regular drinking and driving.

Officers found him slumped over the wheel of his running 2008 Ford Crown Victoria on the Southfield service drive. He was held overnight at the time on a $500 bond.  Benson’s car was also impounded.

This is the second Detroit City Council member who has had issue with drinking and driving.  Detroit City Council president pro tem George Cushingberry Jr. was caught driving with an open container of alcohol and pot in his car in January of 2014.



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