Who Would Do Such a Thing to a Defenseless Animal?

Fox 2 News Headlines

DETROIT, MI – It’s almost 2 in the morning.  A scan of media sites to see what lighter fluidpops out.  This story fit the order.  Fox 2 Detroit aired a story about a baby goat that appears to have been sacrificed.

The amount of curse words that could fly from this keyboard right now would fill this space for those who would do this to a defenseless baby goat.  There are no reasons or excuses for such barbaric acts.

The baby goat appears to have been gutted and set on fire.  A bottle of lighter fluid laying next to the charred remains.  Not only is the discovery horrific but so is the lack of assistance from authorities.

Police handed the problem off to the Humane Society who then handed it down to Animal Control.  Someone did eventually come out but left the remains laying there telling those who discovered the baby goat that they only deal with live animals.

Outrage does not even begin to cover a small corner of emotions that most feel towards this story.  Something needs to be done.

At the very least there might be finger prints on the bottle of lighter fluid.  The next time someone asks for a donation to the Humane Society, point them to this article.

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