Detroit Activist Robert Davis Pleads Guilty to Federal Crimes

DETROIT, MI – Robert Davis had been charged with stealing money from the High Robert-DavisPark School District.  He has decided to plead guilty to federal charges.

Davis is now a convicted felon.  He plead  guilty today and is facing 18 -24 months in prison.  Davis admitted guilt to embezzlement and filing a false tax return in federal court.

Davis was charged with 16 counts of unlawful conversion of funds in 2012.

Davis was indicted on charges that he personally gained more than $125,000 from the cash-strapped school district by submitting false invoices for advertising between 2004 and 2010.

Davis denied the allegations, claiming the charges were politically motivated.

In a court filing on Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014,  Davis is asking a U.S. district court judge to allow him keep his union job.

He has been employed by a union for nearly 13 years and is a union staff representative.  However, law prohibits a person convicted of embezzlement from holding a job with a union.

Robert Davis has been known for being a habitual lawsuit-filer.  Davis enjoys the appeal of grandstanding.  The Detroit News, The Detroit Free Press and other media tag him with being a Union Activist.

In looking back at the majority of his court filings, they have absolutely nothing to do with any union.  He does get credit for having one of the most tenacious basement boiler plate operations when it comes to submitting letters and filing court cases.

He has filed numerous law suits, letters and complaints about various subjects.  Here is the short list of some of them:

  • Lawsuit: Governor has no authority to interview Detroit EFM candidates
  • Emails show link between Duggan and Detroit Emergency Manager decision
  • Judge rejects most Open Meetings Act claims in Detroit emergency manager lawsuit
  • Activist requests probe of Detroit’s no-bid contracts
  • Robert Davis wants Dan Gilbert’s gaming license revoked for Quicken PAC donation

Wayne County Circuit Judge Kathleen MacDonald deemed that Davis filed a lawsuit frivolously. He had filed a series of lawsuits challenging state intervention under the emergency manager law in both Highland Park and Detroit.  He was then ordered to pay $40,356.60 for the school district and EM’s attorney fees and court costs.

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