Grandville High Students Investigated for Possible Child Porn Charges

WYOMING, MI – MIHeadlines is following a story from FOX 17 out of west Michigan today that involves an investigation into students from Grandville High School.  Grandville High School

FOX 17 has confirmed police in Wyoming have launched an investigation after sexually explicit pictures allegedly involving Grandville High School students surfaced on social media over the weekend.

The pictures show two individuals involved in a sexual act with several others standing nearby watching. The posts have ignited a firestorm online with hundreds of thousands of tweets and responses and have since gone viral.

Police say those who took the photos could be charged with producing child pornography, while people who shared them could be charged with distributing child pornography because one or more of the teens in the photos are minors.

Wyoming Police Capt. Kim Koster cautioned that anyone who produced the photos, possessed or shared them could face criminal charges because the participants in the alleged sex act are underage. Koster said police are aware that the images are being shared on social media.

FOX 17 is still working to learn the specifics of the investigation but a source close to it said it is possible police will be filing criminal sexual conduct charges against individuals involved.

Wyoming police are involved in the investigation because the incident apparently happened in Wyoming near the border of Grandville, not far from the high school football field, according to sources.

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