Kam Carman Leaves Fox 2 Detroit After 24 Yrs

SOUTHFIELD, MI – Kam Carman posted to her Facebook page the following:

After nearly 24 years, I am no longer with Fox 2. Thank you to the many friends and new “family” I’ve made along my adventurous journey. I am happy to say I will still be hanging out with my good friend Jay Towers in the morning on 100.3 WNIC. Thanks for the memories, Fox 2 Nation!

Kam Carman has left Fox 2 to start a new chapter in her life, one she’s calling “Kam 2.0.”

Kam started at WJBK in February of 1991.

Many of her loyal fans are shocked by the seemingly sudden departure.

One posted: Why didn’t they let you say goodbye? Seems after 24 years you deserved better! You will be missed.

The loss at Fox 2 of Kam Carman seems to have several people confused and bewildered after the departure of Alan Lee and Ben Bailey.

Alan Lee announced at the end of the morning news on July 8th, 2014, that he would be leaving the Fox 2 family to pursue his dream of becoming a full-time author.

Ben Bailey took over for Chuck Gaidica on Channel 4 as Chief Meteorologist.

Robin Schwartz exited Fox 2 on October 12th, 2014 to take a position with Bedrock Real Estate Services.

Andrea Isom left Fox 2 on January 7th, 2015 to ‘pursue opportunities outside local news business‘.  Former Fox 2 Detroit Reporter Andrea Isom is now on Crime Watch Daily.

MIHeadlines recently reported that Dave Spencer from Fox 17 Grand Rapids would be joining Fox 2.

Jason Carr posted to his Facebook page:

My colleague of 10 years (and co-host for 5 years on The Nine) Kam Carman is moving on to the next chapter in her life– what she winningly calls “Kam 2.0!” Sadly for us and for FOX 2 Nation this does not include Kam continuing to be part of the laughter, the in-jokes and the good times that started some 1,300 shows ago on the Big Brown Couch. As I’ve already told her upon hearing this news I could not have asked for a better “pawd” (our mutual word for partner) with whom to broadcast 2,000 hours of live television. I am indebted to her for making it so easy and so enjoyable.

The Nine is a strange brew of morning radio-style antics, TV talk show chatter, news, straight-up foolishness and Rick’s signature music. Kam handled all of those wildly divergent ingredients with go-for-it gusto, a sly sense of humor and solid professionalism. And what I’ll miss most is Kam’s generous laugh. No matter how lame my jokes, she was there for me.

We went straight to number one in our time slot after debuting, and sometimes even achieved ratings higher than other stations’ primetime shows. Kam Carman was as responsible for that success as any other person on the show. I wish my pawd much happiness wherever she goes next in her new adventure (Kam 2.0!) but I’m sad to see her go. Kam, you’re the best.

FOX 2’s Loss is WDIV’s Gain in Detroit

Jay Towers posted to his Facebook page:

Many of you have emailed me. YES!…Kam Carman IS staying on the 100.3 WNIC Morning show with us every day talking about her kids, her love of wine and pizza and AS ALWAYS for over 23 years…our Michigan Weather.

There is no real further word as to why she has left the station after being with them for such a long time.

MIHeadlines wishes Kam Carman the best in her new adventure of Kam 2.0

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  1. Miss you Kam!!

  2. Arkanis Bawlz | August 10, 2016 at 5:01 pm |

    Most people who are television personalities are sociopaths. They’re pieces of shit human beings!!

  3. Magmus….your an idiot.. possibly the idiot Hall of Fame! first thing you would do is change your name because someone might judge you ,that someone would l have to go to a automobile too find anything close to a name like that who names their kid after a car.. when your IQ gets to 12 sell..how’s that…don’t judge or it might bite you….lesson over

  4. OBAMAnoMORE | July 14, 2016 at 6:11 pm |

    Amy has a personality and better looks. Cam was so dry I think she felt she was above those she was broadcasting to. I didn’t miss her, Q, or Murray until I read today they were gone. Lee Thomas may have a handicap discrimination suit due to his skin disease. I think he should have said; “This is me. This is what I look like” and said to hell with the paste makeup.

  5. Lee get a woman! Thats funny. He is too strange for that. No meat, doesnt drink and is scared of birds. His own words.

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