25 Yr Old Woman Identified in Redford TWP Crash

UPDATE:  Funeral Services Announced for Fransesca Vitale Weatherhead

UPDATE: Suspect Identified in Redford Twp Crash that Killed a 25 yr Old Woman

REDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI – Fransesca Vitale Weatherhead, 25-years-old, from Royal Oak, was killed when a fleeing suspect in a Ford Escape broadsided her Chevy Traverse at 6 Mile and Beech Daly in Redford, MI on September 6th, 2014.Francesca Vitale Weatherhead

Fransesca Weatherhead was on the job, which caused her to travel quite a bit, when she became the victim of a suspect on the run from police.  That man has a history of home invasions.

“A suspect and vehicle description was given by a witness as the suspect fled the scene. A Livonia patrol officer, in a marked scout car, observed a suspect and vehicle matching the description, east on 6 Mile just west of Inkster Road.

The Officer attempted to catch up to the car, but it fled east on 6 Mile. Seconds later, the vehicle was involved in a traffic crash at 6 Mile and Beech Daly in Redford Township. There was a fatality and a non-life threatening injury as a result of the crash. A suspect is in custody. He has a criminal history of past Home Invasions.”

The Redford Police and Fire Departments responded to a crash at 10:15am at the intersection of 6 Mile and Beech Daly.  The crash involved two vehicles.  Both vehicles involved in the crash ended up on the front lawn of Our Lady of Loretto Roman Catholic Church.

One man who was on the scene shortly after the accident questioned why someone had to die?  He was referring to the police pursuing the suspect, who was driving at a high rate of speed, which he called a ‘Death Chase‘.

A debate broke out among those at the crash site if the police were just doing their job or were they the ones and not the actual suspect who put Fransesca Weatherhead and many others in danger.

Fransesca Weatherhead was known to be both beautiful inside and out.  Her family and friends are mourning their loss today.  She and her husband were only married just a year.  They had just bought a house and were trying to have a baby.

Weatherhead was a 2006 Trenton High School graduate. She also had attended Michigan State University.   Fransesca worked as a sales manager for a local tobacco distribution center, Altria Group Distribution Company.

The suspect is in police custody and the incident remains under investigation.

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