Remember Francesca Vitale Weatherhead Today in Thoughts and Prayers

TRENTON, MI – All to often when a tragic accident happens like the one that took the life of Francesca Weatherhead, those of us not directly connected to the family or friends of the victim go on without stopping to remember.Francesca Weatherhead

Francesca Weatherhead’s funeral service is today starting at 10am.

She was a beautiful young woman who was taken way too soon.  Her death is tragic and senseless because of the circumstances.

Today is not a day to debate if the police were right or wrong for the car chase that ended her life.

Today is a day that we all should remember a life cut short.

MIHeadlines is asking that you stop for just a moment and put Francesca, her husband, family and friends in your thoughts and prayers today no matter what time of the day it is.

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