Romeo High School in Macomb County Involved in Sexting Investigation

ROMEO, MI – Romeo Senior High School is the latest place of education in a list that seems to be growing that is involved in a sexting scandal.romeo

Reports that a drug sweep on Friday, October 10th, 2014 that ended in the discovery of explicit photos of students is being called untrue.

What is true is that Romeo Senior High School did have a drug sweep but that drug sweep is not related to the finding of explicit photos.  No evidence from the sweep led to the current investigation.

Michigan State Police have verified that there is an ongoing investigation into sexting at the school.  However, few details are being released at this time.

One media source had stated that the Michigan State Police had seized a suspect’s phone related to the drug sweep and upon inspection of that phone graphic images were discovered of a classmate or classmates.  They further went on to say that at least six kids ages 14 or 15 at school were involved in a felony investigation for producing or distributing child abusive material.

Again, the Michigan State Police are releasing very few details at this time.

Oakland County’s Rochester Adams High School and Van Hoosen Middle School are embroiled in their own sexting scandal as was reported last week.  Nothing has been refuted pertaining to those issues.

This is now the third situation being reported in the few short weeks that school has been back for the fall sessions.

The third reported on case of explicit photos involves Grandville High School students.  That situation exploded online, going viral quickly, last month.

As more is learned pertaining to any of the student scandals, we will keep you updated.

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