Leelanau County Deputies Save Macomb County Man from Suicide Attempt

LEELANAU COUNTY, MI – 24 year-old Macomb County man is in Munson Medical Center after attempting to take his life Monday night.

Leelanau Dispatch received a request for assistance from a Macomb County police agency at 9:09pm. Information was that the man was headed to Leelanau County to end his life.Leelanau County Sheriff

Information provided by Macomb County indicated that the man was in the Empire Township area.

Leelanau County Sheriff’s officers were sent to the area and at 9:13pm. the victim called 911 himself and was spoke with Leelanau Dispatch. He told the dispatcher that he was going to hang himself at the Empire Beach.

Deputies responded within minutes and located the man hanging from a tree at the end of Niagara Street. The officer wasn’t able to reach up high enough to cut the victim down but was able to lift him up to take the pressure of the rope off of the man’s neck until Glen Lake EMS responded. EMS workers cut the victim down and transported him to Munson Medical Center.

Family members believe the man will make a full recovery.