Taking Notice of Construction Projects Around Alpena

ALPENA, MI – Transformations are continuing to take shape in and around the Alpena area with new construction, rehab projects and one, unconfirmed, dropout in new business.Meijer Gas Station

Construction of the new Meijer on M-32 is moving along very swiftly.

The final coat of asphalt has been laid throughout the property.  The parking lot has also been striped with each parking space that will be available to shoppers once the doors open to the new supercenter.  Doors and windows to the gas station have also been installed.

Several 18 wheel trucks unloaded what appeared to be store fixtures on Sunday and Monday of this week.

Brownfield remediation is set to begin on the property at 3rd Street and River for the new Holiday Inn Express®.  A large crane and bulldozer were being setup Tuesday, October 28th, 2014 to pull the first shovel full of dirt out of the ground for that project.Holida Inn Express Property

Another project will catch the eye of residents who are traveling on Chisholm Street.

The men working on the former Kotwicki building stated that the former retail store is being rehabbed into apartments.

The old facade is being removed from the front of the building.  Windows at the top of the structure that were not visible for years can now be seen once again.

For those paying attention, a large for sale sign has been erected on the former Staples property on M-32.  Aldi, it is believed, was looking to take over this property after Staples closed.  Sources have said that Aldi has reconsidered and have decided to back out of putting a store in Alpena.

Based on the source information, even though a compromise of sorts had been reached with the Alpena Road Commission in regards to entrances and exits to and from M-32 and Bagley Street, it was not exactly what Aldi wanted.

Further reports are that Aldi did a study and decided that the competition with other food stores in the area would make it difficult for them to compete.

We did reach out to Aldi with specific questions but got a polite no comment at this time.

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