Burglary Suspect Arrested in Grand Rapids

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Some time in the evening of October 28th, 2014, the ‘Display Pack’ , a business located at 1340 Monroe Avenue SW, was forcibly entered by forcing an overhead door open leading into the business.arrest6

Employees of the business discovered that a laptop had been stolen.

The case was assigned to Grand Rapids Police Department Detective Stephen Wiersema.

Det. Wiersema started scouring the internet for similar computer models for sale.  He did in fact find one with the very same characteristics.

Det. Wiersema made contact with the seller/suspect via telephone.  During the conversation the detective was able to get the suspect to describe in detail the unique characteristics of the stolen laptop so that he could ascertain that it was in deed the very one that was being sought after.

It was at that time that the detective made arrangements to meet with the suspect at a location within the City of Grand Rapids.

Upon meeting the suspect and confirming that the computer was the one that had been stolen, the suspect was immediately arrested.

The suspect is identified as, 24-year-old, Dontay Earl Jones.  Once in custody, Jones gave a full confession.  He has been charged with Breaking and Entering of a Building.

People need to use extreme caution when making transactions from the internet.  Not everything is legal and can also be dangerous.

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