Standing in the Ruins of a Burned Out Home in Hubbard Lake

HUBBARD LAKE, MI – It is said that attitude is everything when disaster hits.  Tom Holsworth lost his home to a fire on November 7th, 2014.

Tom Holsworth, Hubbard Lake, Michigan

Tom Holsworth, Hubbard Lake, Michigan

There is not much left this morning to what once was a home on Hubert Road just east of the four corners.

Mr. Holsworth was at home when the fire broke out.

The fire started around 8:15 Friday morning.  Fire fighters from the Hubbard Lake Fire Department were called to the scene on Hubert Road.  When they arrived the home was fully involved.  At that time the Sanborn Township Fire Department were called in to assist.

Mr. Holsworth used a wood stove to heat his home which caught the ceiling on fire in the living room.  He said this morning that the house went up in flames very quickly with him in it.

He tried to save only one item from his home as he was getting out.  His guitar.  For him it was a prized possession in his life.  The fire was racing so fast that the flames were causing burns to the back of his neck.  He lost his grip on the guitar because he needed to save his life.  It too was lost in the flames.

The home had been his grandmothers, passed down to him.  What remains today is just the field stone frame work, blackened by the intense fire, of what had been.

Neighbors and other people from the area have been stopping by all morning to offer help.  He was overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that the community has been there to give.

He is unsure if he will come back in the spring to rebuild or to level what is left.  For the immediate time he is staying in a hotel in Hubbard Lake and he plans to go north for the winter to stay with his sister.

As Mr. Holsworth looked around him, he stated that he “has his life and God must have a different plan for him.  The rest can be replaced.”  Unfortunately, he had no insurance on the property.