Robert Davis headed to Federal Prison

DETROIT, MI – Habitual lawsuit-filer Robert Davis was hoping for probation but instead will be spending 18 months locked up in a federal prison.

Robert Davis

Robert Davis

It is doubtful that many are upset that Davis will be cooling his heels in jail for a year and half.

He has repeatedly sued Gov. Rick Snyder to stop the use of emergency managers.  He also sued to have Mike Duggan thrown off the ballot when he was running for Mayor of Detroit. Duggan won the election with a historical write-in campaign.

The lawsuit against Duggan backfired on him and his lawyer when Ingham County Circuit Judge James Jamo agreed to impose the costs as sanctions after ruling that the Davis lawsuit — which alleged Duggan was part of a conspiracy to appoint Detroit emergency manager Kevyn Orr — did not have a factual or legal basis.

Davis previously has been given a bill by the courts of some $40K for filing frivolous lawsuits.

The FBI says that Davis used his position as a school board member and president in the Highland Park School District to have checks written to companies he controlled in 2007-2010. It says he had $200,000 redirected to an organization he controlled and used the money for personal expenses.  Taking from children does not sit well with the community nor the FBI.  He plead guilty in September.

Davis, who is 35-years-old, had been employed by a union for nearly 14 years and was a union staff representative. Law prohibits a person convicted of embezzlement from holding a job with the union.

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