Slight Changes to Comment Handling on MI Headlines

DETROIT, MI – There is enough racial tension in our nation.  To no ones surprise there are websites that promote intolerance of all types of issues.MI

The policy on MI Headlines has been and always will be:

Intolerance, bigotry, hatred and the alike are not welcome here.  Intelligent and insightful dialogue among our readers is.

Any website that condones intolerance, bigotry, hatred and the alike along with promoting violence that refers their users to MI Headlines is being carefully monitored 24/7.

In the presence of this issue, anyone is welcome to post a comment to any article that they have an interest in.  However, all comments are now being moderated and must be approved before they will appear.

We apologize for the change but felt it necessary.  Our readers do not need us, we need them to be as successful as we have become.  We have not and will not ever lose sight of that.

Brian Thompson
MI Headlines

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