Lansing Politics A Year in Review: Highlights from 2014

LANSING, MI – Many changes have taken place since Governor Rick Snyder took office.  He will be sworn in for his second term on January 1st,  2015 in Lansing.Highlights from 2014

Together, with what he deems ‘relentless positive action’, Governor Rick Snyder worked to continue Michigan’s comeback in 2014.

A list of highlights has been released by the Governor’s office:

? Job Creation: More than 300,000 new private sector jobs created between December 2010 and November 2014.
? Expanded Career Apprenticeships: Doubled the number of students and participating companies in the MAT2 apprenticeship program in fields of Mechatronics, Technical Product Design and Information Technology.
? Skilled Trades Training Fund: Helped Michigan companies find the talent they need by training Michiganders for skilled trades. Proposed in 2013, the fund has helped retain 9,541 jobs, created 1,826 jobs, and will create 1,396 jobs.
? Community College Skilled Trades Equipment Program: Launched in October 2014, the program will make $50 million available to Michigan community colleges for the purchase of equipment that will allow the colleges to deliver educational programs in high-wage, high- and middle-skill, and high-demand occupations.
? Eliminated the Personal Property Tax: Ended the job-killing personal property tax, thereby helping our small businesses grow and create jobs, all while ensuring that our local governments have a stable source of revenue.

? Expanding Preschool Education: Continued expansion of preschool education for low-income children with $65 million in additional funding in FY2015, helping to make Michigan a no-wait state for preschool.
? K-12 Education: Increased investment in K-12, with more than $1.1 billion additional funding compared to FY 2011.

? Launched Healthy Michigan: Over 477,000 low-income, working Michiganders are receiving health insurance through Healthy Michigan, surpassing its original two-year and total eligibility projection. The plan has resulted in more than 241,000 primary care visits, 74,000 preventive care visits, 22,900 mammograms, and 10,900 colonoscopies.
? Addressed Mental Health Needs: Signed an executive order creating the Mental Health Diversion Council to divert people with mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance use disorders from the criminal justice system and toward appropriate treatment.  Through September 2014, 14,279 residents have been trained in “Mental Health First Aid” to provide informed first response for mental health crises, as recommended by the Mental Health and Wellness Commission in their report this year.
? Jobs for Veterans: Partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program to help active-duty members find jobs after leaving the military; added $4.7 million in funding for a new tuition assistance program for eligible Air and Army National Guard personnel; and launched a 24/7 resource service center in partnership with the Michigan 211 system to provide veterans and their families access to federal benefit programs, state services and local resources.
? Serving Older Michiganders: Delivered a Special Message on Aging and increased funding in the FY2015 budget to expand the distribution of home-delivered meals for seniors; to eliminate waiting lists and make Michigan a “no-wait” state for in-home services; and to detect and address physical and financial abuse.
? Reinventing Detroit: Detroit’s bankruptcy was brought to an end, securing pensions, putting the city on a sound fiscal path, allowing for a reinvestment into city services, and safeguarding the Detroit Institute of Arts.
? Securing Our Cities: Michigan State Police Secure Cities Partnership continues to succeed in reducing crime and strengthening our communities. Violent crime (murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault) has decreased by 20 percent in Flint, 14 percent in Saginaw, 3 percent in Detroit and 23 percent in Pontiac from 2011 to 2013.

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