Redford Township Police Towing and Ticketing Cars left on Streets

REDFORD, MI – Redford Township Police had warned vehicle owners on February 6th, 2015 about cars remaining on the streets after the snowstorm on February 1st, 2015.Redford Township Police

Many jurisdictions throughout Michigan have ordinances in place concerning leaving cars parked on streets during the winter months.

Well over 100 vehicles have been tagged in Redford Township as abandoned since February 2nd. The majority have been removed from the roadway by the owners.

Any vehicles that had not been removed were impounded. Several vehicles also received tickets for expired or improper plates. In the process they also recovered 2 vehicles stolen from other jurisdictions.

Redford Township Police have been, and will continue, tagging vehicles that have not been moved. Vehicles are tagged with a 48 hour notice, and if they remain unmoved will be towed and impounded. This is a time consuming process and some vehicles may not be removed at exactly 48 hours. They complete the process as quickly as possible.

The registered owner of a vehicle is responsible for the impound and abandonment fees. When a vehicle is impounded, the Secretary of State will automatically notify the last registered owner.

Often they find that vehicles have been sold, but the title never transferred.

If you sell a vehicle to an individual, please be sure you do the transaction at the Secretary of State office nearest you, and have the vehicle is taken out of your name.

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